Stamm Publications

  1. Stamm A, Afacan O, Scherrer B, Singh J, Warfield SK. In-vivo High Resolution Imaging of Fine-Scale Anatomical Structures at 3T with Simultaneous Bias/Variance Reduction. ISMRM 2015 Abstract [PDF]

  2. A Stamm, B Scherrer, O Commonwick, C Barillot, S K Warfield. Fast and robust detection of the optimal number of fascicles in diffusion images using model averaging theory. ISMRM 2014. Abstract [PDF]

  3. A Stamm, B Scherrer, S Baraldo, O Commonwick, S K Warfield. Non central chi estimation of multi-compartment models improves model selection by reducing overfitting. ISMRM 2014 Abstract [PDF]