Erem Publications

  1. Erem B, Afacan O, Gholipour A, Warfield SK. Real-Time Dynamic Prediction of Motion during Prospective Motion Correction Helps Reduce Errors Caused by Fast Motions and Delayed Motion Measurements. ISMRM 2015 Abstract [PDF]

  2. Erem B, Hyde D, Peters J, Duffy F, Brooks D, Warfield SK. Combined Delay and Graph Embedding of Epileptic Discharges in EEG Reveals Complex and Recurrent Nonlinear Dynamics. ISBI 2015 [PDF]

  3. A Gholipur, O Afacan, B Scherrer, B Erem, S K Warfield. Diffusion Weighted MRI of Moving Subjects based on Motion-Induced Random Oversampling. ISMRM 2014. Abstract [PDF]