Clancy Publications

  1. Kurugol S, Freiman M, Afacan O, Clancy S, Warfield SK. Spatially Constrained Probability Distribution Model of Incoherent Motion (SPIM) Improves Longitdinal Reproducibility of Quantitative Diffusion Weighted MRI. ISMRM Abstract [PDF]

  2. Taimouri V, Kurugol S, Clancy S, Freiman M, Warfield SK. Structural and Diffusion Weighted MRI Registration for Biomarker Fusion in Crohn's Disease Diagnosis. ISBI 2015 [PDF]

  3. A Gholipour, C Limperopoulos, S Clancy, C Clouchoux, A Akhondi-Asl, J A Estroff, and S K Warfield. Construction of a Deformable Spatiotemporal MRI Atlas of the Fetal Brain: Evaluation of Similarity Metrics and Deformation Models. MICCAI 2014. [PDF]