Ralph Suarez

Dr. Ralph O. Suarez is an Instructor in Radiology at Harvard Medical School, Children’s Hospital of Boston. He completed a M.Sc. in Medical Physics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he subsequently obtained a Ph.D. in Neuroimaging. Before joining The Computational Radiology Laboratory (CRL), Dr. Suarez was a postdoctoral researcher at the National Center for Image-Guided Therapy (NCIGT), investigating functional brain mapping in presurgical planning and neuro-navigation applications.

The main focus of his research is the study of high-order functional brain processes, such as language and memory, by application of a multi-modal approach that assesses these highly specialized neurocognitive processes based on their functional, structural, and global connectivity characteristics. The over-arching ambition of Dr. Suarez’s research is to evaluate normal brain function using imaging technologies such as MRI, DTI, MEG, and fMRI as a basis for quantifying developmental abnormalities in children suffering from disease—potentially providing valuable information for clinical treatment strategies and/or early intervention options.

Name: Ralph Suarez
Title: Instructor in Radiology
Email: ralph.suarez [at] childrens.harvard.edu

Wolbach 215, Department of Radiology
Children's Hospital
300 Longwood Avenue
Boston MA 02115
  • functional brain mapping
  • language function
  • memory function
  • magnetoencephalography (MEG)
  • functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)
  • diffusion tensor imagining (DTI)